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My gaming set up by Bethany-Fox My gaming set up :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 3 0 My pc 2 by Bethany-Fox My pc 2 :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 1 0 My pc by Bethany-Fox My pc :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 1 0 Scythe necklace by Bethany-Fox Scythe necklace :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 0 9 Pendant size for a commission by Bethany-Fox Pendant size for a commission :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 1 0
Character profile for Vanity Viridis
Test subject 3892
Name:vanity Viridis
Blood Type:A/poisonous
Species:Anthropomorphic, Genetically enhanced Insect
Cup size: D
Specialties:Close combat, stealth
Occupations on release:Assassin, librarian
Abilities:Chameleon, Immune to all poisons, Retractable second set of arms, self healing
Physical Attributes:Heightened senses (eyesight and antenna receptors), Increased movement speed and muscle mass in her legs can climb on walls and ceilings
:iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 0 0
An unexspected friendship
"Ahhh this seems like a nice place to stay for a while" Scaire said as he wandered up the street of a small village, looking for a place to stay for the night, admiring a small pub. "I could use a good drink". Scaire is what you would call a hell wolf, hunting down and killing the soldiers from the TFC, a government funded military group whose sole purpose is to hunt down and kill any creature with daemon or angelic wings. He had been traveling for months, abiding in one location nor more than a few nights before moving on.
With a firm push to the door, he entered the dimly lit room filled with smoke and the hustle and bustle you’d expect from bar patrons. He walked over to the bar and sat down on the stool. “What can I get you” asked the barman.
"A whisky and coke please" replied Scaire.
"Sure thing, coming right up” He said as he grabbed a glass, scooping up a bit of ice and grabbing the bottle of whisky. "So you new in town?"
"Yeah I am,  just arrived to
:iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 1 4
Bethany on a missile by Bethany-Fox Bethany on a missile :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 0 9 sexy Bethany by Bethany-Fox
Mature content
sexy Bethany :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 2 4
Bethany's meta sheet
Name: Bethany Fox
Blood type:AB+/Nanite
Species:Anthropomorphic Cybernetically augmented fox
Specialties: Biology, Cybernetics, Close combat, sniping
Abilities:Retractable arm scythes, Shapeshifter, Immune to all toxins, poisons and
diseases, self healing, Ageless
Physical attributes:Heightened senses (hearing, smell, eyesight), Increased muscle mass, wings, Increased movement speed.
Self replicating nanites: This means that there cannot be too many of each set in her body and if some are destroyed or otherwise removed they are replaced by more.
There are two sets of nanites in her body, one set operates in her bloodstream and the other are in her skeletal structure but they are higher in density around her shoulders, ribs and arms.
Blood nanites:They operate in her blood and flow all around her body, they are about the size of two blood cells. They will allow her to heal wounds, eradicat
:iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 0 0
Mature content
Alex's meta sheet :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 1 0
Mature content
Bethany's Diary part two :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 0 0
Bethany volpine form by Bethany-Fox
Mature content
Bethany volpine form :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 0 0
Bethany human form by Bethany-Fox
Mature content
Bethany human form :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 3 2
Bethany 4 by Bethany-Fox Bethany 4 :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 2 3 Scythe by Bethany-Fox Scythe :iconbethany-fox:Bethany-Fox 3 0


KILL LA KILL 4K wallpaper by SUPERsaeJANG KILL LA KILL 4K wallpaper :iconsupersaejang:SUPERsaeJANG 11 0 Sasha Blause Attack on Titan HD Wallpaper by thyanda12 Sasha Blause Attack on Titan HD Wallpaper :iconthyanda12:thyanda12 8 0 AMD FX Build Exterior by Famous1994 AMD FX Build Exterior :iconfamous1994:Famous1994 7 6 One Piece - Monster Trio by gem2niki One Piece - Monster Trio :icongem2niki:gem2niki 3,613 140 One Piece Nami by magion02 One Piece Nami :iconmagion02:magion02 4,503 163 One Piece - Sanji by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Sanji :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 1,363 30 One Piece - Portgas D. Ace by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Portgas D. Ace :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 1,884 92 One Piece - Nico Robin by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Nico Robin :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 1,698 69 One Piece - Nami by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Nami :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 2,590 157 One Piece - Roronoa Zoro by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Roronoa Zoro :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 1,973 62 One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 2,834 158 Lotus Elise 1 by Famous1994 Lotus Elise 1 :iconfamous1994:Famous1994 11 0 AMD FX Build Final by Famous1994 AMD FX Build Final :iconfamous1994:Famous1994 11 7 Nissan GT-R Premium 2 by Famous1994 Nissan GT-R Premium 2 :iconfamous1994:Famous1994 10 1 YOKO Littner by Zeronis YOKO Littner :iconzeronis:Zeronis 4,651 68 SOMA Catherine by Zeronis SOMA Catherine :iconzeronis:Zeronis 4,024 61
Hi All I have some big news ^.^
My mate and I are becoming game devs and we need 3D animators or a someone who is a 3D editor. We require 3D meshes for ships, bosses and enemy ships. If you are such an artist and you are interested or you know of someone please contact me via notes. Full credit will be given to the artist when the game is complete along with a free steam key to the game for your help.


Bethany-Fox's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer but I'm still kinda new at it. I'm still trying to find my strengths with writing and ways to make it better. I am a lover of music, I'll listen to almost any genre but I prefer metal, heavy metal, hardcore, post-hardcore and rock. I am a furry, my character is a four tail, anthro fox her name is Bethany and she is an Original character. My other OC is an anthro bull shark called Alexis. both characters belong to me.

Full credit for my avatar/belongs to :iconpups-the-piper:




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